Review of Reef Finance partnership with bZx protocol and Reef position in bringing varieties of options for users.

Reef announced partnership with bZx protocol to add more options, income opportunities and services while accessing the Ethereum based DEFI platform offering DEFI services through its Fulcrum and Torque platforms.

Reef, the first Polkadot project to be listed on Binance launchpool earlier announced a partnership with OpenDefi (Orion protocol) which enables its users to tokenize their physical assets such as gold, silver and physical properties via on chain synthetics to access instantly issued loans and earn rental on their assets.

With the partnership with bZx protocol, Reef users will be able to access DEFI services on the platform such as borrowing, lending, staking, shorting, staking etc.

This will also allow Reef users access the trading front end fulcrum that allows trading crypto assets through loans and tokenize positions and Torques that offers lending on bZx with indefinite time loans and fixed interest. Super right? Yeah!

With the bZx farming launchpool to be integrated into Reef’s AI and machine learning powered by analytics engine the farming pools will be displayed in the Reef baskets with another designated for bZx pools only which makes it easy for users to sort and choose the basket they would like to invest in.

Reef remains growth driven and committed to offering its users variety of options in investing and accessing DEFI services.

Currently I am farming reef tokens with my BUSD on Binance and will be writing an article about that soon. How you can use your stable coin to earn more $REEF tokens.

For more information about Reef, or to join our team, please contact us at: or follow on Twitter Reef.

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