4 Easy ways to make money getting started in Crypto with 0 naira.

In last two articles, I talked about this whole Blockchain thing as a tech and innovations, we’ve talked about crypto as well. There are tons of opportunities in this space. But in this article I’ll be dealing with the question… How can you start with 0 naira in crypto?

Should you listen to what I have to say?

I came into this space with nothing , you’ve seen couple of my throwback pictures right. And over the years I have flipped 0 to thousands of dollars.

So basically I started with nothing. And I’ll be sharing some of those opportunities with you below.

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You know what’s funny, even if you’ve got something to start with, you can crash it all.

Your attitude is important, it is what determines if the tips will help you or not.


This whole thing is an innovation. Blockchain has its own Multi billion dollars job industries.

Like always, these brands need skills, people with craft for mostly remote jobs. So basically more like selling your skills to make money, and this is the number thing I can recommend. If you’re hardworking.

Its easy to make up to a thousand dollars monthly as an established digital skill person in this space.

Check Twitter, there are tons of jobs daily calling your name. There are jobs that are not skills specific, such as being an ambassador for crypto projects or creating contents with your Canva or design apps and posting online. Community management and what have you.


Most cryptos have real world uses cases and are projects. Ethereum. is a project (Ether is the coin). Bitcoin is a project (BTC is the coin). These projects are directed at solving different problems and are at different stages of growth.

So while in the process of building. They give out some of their Tokens or coins to people for free or to perform some social media tasks termed as AIRDROPS. So basically while they are yet to be listed (more like while they are not sure whether the project will be successful).

So you can just get these coins or tokens by signing up, doing social media.

No real airdrop will ask you for money or your wallet password, or ask you to buy (SELF DROP). To be honest, this requires luck.

Moving away from Airdrop and Jobs. What else can you do?

There are platforms to do tasks and earn free money. Just incase you don’t know bitcointalk is one of those platforms and I know people cashing out there. I’ve posted One my WhatsApp status in the past. Websites like Review hunt, Earnathon and Dacade pays you for even learning about Cryptocurrency and crypto projects. I made cool cash from Dacade. There are other Blockchain social media platforms like hive and Steemit that rewards you for micro blogging and posting contents on the platforms, might just be as easy as the way you use your Facebook.

It’s not limited to these platforms alone. There are more outside.

Arbitrage Trading

If you’re keen on finding out. There are several ways boys makes money in this space without making noise with it.

Arbitrage Trading is another way. Arbitrage is basically exploring difference in price at same interval of different exchanges.

But we don’t deal with coins. We deal with naira. I mean buying naira on some platform for 450 and selling for 500+ in hours. Some cards now allow you trade up to 1000$ (buy 450k sell 500k and above)

Yeah that requires capital. But you can do it in bits. Say 100$ each. Hilary (a friend of mine) and I have made thousands of dollars doing arbitrage.

This are real piece of information you hardly get on YouTube. Feel free to drop questions in comment or connect with me directly on Twitter@themichaeljerry, or WhatsApp at 09031308608.

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